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What is OptionsStudio?

OptionsStudio is the first and only international chain of Pilates and Movement studios worldwide. We are based in Singapore and quickly growing throughout Asia with branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila and Bangkok. This growth has been achieved due to the strong reputation of the Filipino founder, Ole Eugenio, enabling us to attract and train the best instructors and partners.

How is OptionsStudio different?

We strive to differentiate ourselves from other studios with constant innovation that keeps our instructors up to date and maintains their superior quality and knowledge. We train our instructors on-site at our regionally-renowned Singapore education centre which is licensed to teach a variety of methods as well as our own courses. Because of this we can assure consistently high standards that cannot be achieved elsewhere.

Who Are We?

The OptionsStudio Team consists of a wide variety of Instructors and Front-Liners from backgrounds in the fitness, dance and business industries. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates on our activities inside and outside the studios as well as team updates and events.

What does OptionsStudio offer?

We offer a range of different methods at our different studios with different specialisations at each location:

  • Pilates for sports
  • Pilates for leisure (including preventative exercise to avoid future health problems)
  • Pilates for postural correction including back-pain, shoulder issues and many more
  • Pilates for rehab clients
  • CoreSuspend™ for toning, general fitness, sports specific clients and athletes
  • Neurac exercise for rehab patients (conducted by qualified physios)
  • Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis classes for flexible strength and functional three dimensional freedom of movement. (Coming soon)

What can you expect from your workouts?

With Pilates classes you can expect to feel a difference in your body in just a few sessions, whether it’s for lower back pain, postural improvement or a general improvement in energy levels. After 10-20 sessions you should see a noticeable change in your physical appearance and feel stronger in your daily activities.

CoreSuspend™ and Neurac™ have an almost instant effect. Assuming that you work hard during class your muscles will feel lighter and looser. Your back, shoulders and hips will feel uncompressed and muscle tightness will begin to be alleviated.

Who are our clients?

Our clients range from pregnant ladies to youths to geriatric rehab patients to the fittest of competitive athletes along with those who just want to stay in shape. There are very few restrictions as to who can workout with us and everyone is welcome. Sessions can be discrete and private if required or group classes can involve interaction and socialising between clients.

Where are we located?

We now have 4 locations in Manila - on Ayala Avenue at RBCB Plaza Tower 2 (Level 15) and at Rockwell in the Powerplant Mall, Podium in Ortigas and in the Fort.