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Philippines Pilates Pilates Class Manila Pilates in Makati

Our Makati Pilates sessions range in price from Php450 to Php1700, call 585-1404 / 0917-8746888 or email us at ph@options-studio.com for more details
Group Class Descriptions


Matwork classes concentrate on everything in your core, from strengthening your lower back to reduce or prevent pain to pulling in your abdominal muscles for a tight and shapely waistline to stretching and strengthening your hips. Matwork uses bodyweight exercises with some props to modify for different levels of ability.
Suspend Matwork
Matwork with Suspend Workouttm combines the benefits of rehab theory with an invigorating workout that can be enjoyed by anyone. The Suspend Workouttm uses a sling suspension system with pilates core matwork to maximise use of important muscles without even realising that you are using them at the same time as toning your whole body.
Train your core with Matwork then work your whole body with exercises on the reformer. This class is available for beginners through to advanced level clients.
Gentle Pilates
This class introduces you to the principles of Pilates on the reformer and steadily builds your strength and coordination, toning your whole body to improve posture and overall wellbeing. As you get used to the classes props will be added to keep your progression steady and fulfilling without ever causing too much exertion or stress.

Reform Pilatestm group classes are a safe, energetic range of group classes incorporating functional movement and dynamic flow of exercises. All the Reform Pilates classes are standardised so that clients get used to the exercises with smooth progression from class to class. The classes are reprogrammed every three months for continuous visible results leading to toned muscles and better posture.

Use the reformer, chair, edge, BOSU and lots of small props in this athletic class to give you the most from your Pilates workout.
Pre-Natal and Post-Natal
Pre- and Post-Natal classes help you stay physically active, strong and energised during and after pregnancy. By strengthening yours abs and core you will feel less lower back pain during pregnancy and will help to speed up post-natal recovery. All the exercises are modified to safe and comfortable positions to make the classes as enjoyable as possible. You will use the specially designed props to enable you to perform exercises that would otherwise be too challenging for pregnant ladies.

Private Classes

Private Training Sessions are available by appointment.  Our STOTT PILATEStm Instructors will tailor your sessions based on your individual goals, needs and abilities to help you achieve or exceed your goals that much faster. Exercises are explained to ensure you understand the purpose of the movements so that you gain greater awareness of your body and the importance of correct placement and movement. In this way you will gain the most benefit from your exercise as you learn to reconnect the mind to the body and the body to the mind, hence Pilates is a mind-body exercise. The modifications and variations for each exercise make STOTT PILATEStm a safe and effective workout for everyone from elite athletes to sedentary clients to post-rehab clients from injuries. These modifications ensure the mind-body connection starts at your level and then progresses as you progress.

Mixing Privates and Group Classes - Privates are particularly good for beginners before they commence to semi-privates or group classes – one learns how to move and place their body and can keep up with the rest of the class.
Privates can be attended as a supplement to group classes once a month to ensure one is keeping good habits in order to get the most out of group or semi-private classes. Pointers during privates can be memorized and repeated to oneself during group class to improve one’s own particular focus areas.
Privates are also particularly good for those who need personalized attention due to special areas of concern like pregnancy or injury, or simply by those who want to improve faster, those who want a personalized routine focused to their areas of concern, those who are more advanced and need to be worked out harder, or to enhance particular sporting activities.


Extensions to a package expiration date may be considered on an exceptional basis (i.e. unexpected medical reasons with a valid physicians release).

Semi-Privates (2-4 people)

(INCLUDES: V2Maxtm, the Stability Chair. Tower, Pre-natal and backcare.)
Semi-Private Training Sessions are also available by appointment and are perfect for couples or friends that want more individualized attention than in a group class environment or who have specific goals and objectives for training. Semi-Privates are scheduled at your convenience and offer additional savings over Private training. These sessions are a great way great way to have fun with friends and encourage each other. Nice for those who like a social workout, but less personalized training than a private session.
Please note:

    One time extensions to a package expiration date may be considered on an exception basis (i.e. unexpected medical reasons with a valid physician's release).
  • If any members of the group session don't show up their account will still be debited for the class.

Schedule & Registration

Registration is recommended for all classes, including mat. Priority will be given to clients who have pre-registered.

Package details

All sales on packages are final. Packages purchased are transferable if you are unable to attend any more, but not refundable. Packages expire after 12 months of inactivity. Gift cards are also available.


As a courtesy to staff and guests, please give at least 24 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling a private or semi-private appointment or group class to avoid incurring a cancellation charge or loss of that session fee. There will be no charge for a cancelled session if another time can be worked out during the same day. (Subject to the availability of the instructor.)

Studio Etiquette

  • Please bring a towel and socks.
  • Please be courteous to other clients. Try to be quiet when classes are in progress, and turn hand phones to vibrate or silent during class.
  • Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances at the studio.

Other Packages

From time to time we will offer packages not listed on our website. Please ask at reception for further details.